Tommy Gate G2 Series Liftgate
G2 Series liftgates for pickups are versatile,
popular, and modern.

The Tommy Gate G2 Series is a dual-cylinder, parallel-arm
design which utilizes a pair of hydraulic cylinders to lower
and raise the lift by applying direct power to both sides of
the platform. Available in multiple sizes, aluminum and steel platforms.

Your truck could use a pick me up

Quality obsessed

Frames and platforms on every liftgate are hand assembled and hand welded, while precision parts are laser cut and/or robotically welded.

Expert technicians

We install and service what we sell. From the Cantilever series, specifically designed for cargo vans, to the ever popular G2 series pickup liftgate, we are the premier destination for service and installation of Tommy Gate liftgate products.

Exclusive warranty

We guarantee our workmanship for the life of the vehicle, or until you sell it, whichever comes first. That’s a commitment you can count on.

Tommy Gate Cantilever Series Liftgate
The Cantilever is a modern hydraulic liftgate that is specifically designed to operate seamlessly with commercial vans.

The culmination of years of engineering, Cantilever Series liftgate models are highly versatile and include numerous desirable features. A bolt-on underside mount is compatible with most modern vans and eliminates the need for any welding. The platform is constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum and folds laterally, allowing for access to the rear of the vehicle without operating the lift. Platforms support a large loadable area and come standard with dual cart stops.

Ramp up your bottom line

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install the liftgate, or just supply it?

We do both! From ordering, to mounting and wiring the liftgate, we walk you through every step of the process.

Where are your install facilities located?

We have 2 install facilities. One in St. Catharines, ON serving the Niagara and Hamilton Regions, and the other in Oakville, ON serving the Greater Toronto Area.

Do you install liftgates on box trucks?

Yes, we can. Please send an inquiry and one of our sales staff will gladly answer any questions that you may have.

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