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There are so many different adages in the construction and industrial trades industry. Things like “measure once, cut twice” and “always use the right tool for the job,” wait.. how many times do you measure again?


The Right Tool For The Job

Consistently, successful craftsmen use the correct tool for the job and it becomes almost instinctual. Using the right tool for the correct application prevents expensive downtime, makes the task easier to complete and produces a quality product. Of course we all have used a screwdriver as a pry bar, even though it states in the handle that it is not a “chisel, pry bar or a punch,” I don’t know where these people grew up, but the uses for a flathead screwdriver are virtually endless. While prying out a section of baseboard may work with a screwdriver, it is technically not the correct way to go about it. You risk damaging the drywall and the trim at the same time, which could create more work down the road, and a whole rabbit hole of consequences; but as an experienced professional you probably know that. At Transform we provide artisans, craftsman, and hard working men and women all over Canada, with the right tool for their jobs.


Jack Of All Trades

No matter what sort of service you offer, plumbing, construction, landscaping, or even mobile mechanics, you will need a good quality truck or van. Of course there is a guy in BC that hauls all of his plumbing supplies on his mountain bike, but that dude has more commitment to his quads than we do. When you are providing a service you need intelligent mobility, and most importantly, a place to keep your tools and spare parts. You could get an old minivan, slap a ladder rack on the side, and carry your tools in buckets but how professional would that look?


Professional and Hardworking

When you need a truly functional service vehicle for your business and want to convey the ultimate sense of professionalism, look no further than the exceptional vehicles at Transform Van and Truck Fleet Outfitters. We offer Ford, GMC/Chevy, Mercedes, Dodge, and Nissan trucks and vans. No matter what type of vehicle you desire for your business, Transform can supply exactly what you need.  


Upgrade Your Existing TruckCommercial Vehicles

Let’s say that you have a perfectly good truck or van but it needs a few upgrades to truly be the ideal vehicle for your business. If it has good bones, we can upgrade your van to professional specifications, you can even save the diamond shaped window in the back. We carry a wide selection of shelving, partitions, workbenches, liftgates, lighting, and much more. We can even completely transform the inside of your van with complete floor and partition kits, complete with shelving and window covers.


Mobile Office

Setting up a van as a mobile office is now possible in the age we are living, everything we use is wireless or portable. Years ago outfitting your service van with a fully functional office/workspace was unheard of. Today, Transform can add shelving, power and lighting, and even air compressors. Of course you do not need to have a van to create a mobile office and we have outfitted plenty of trucks with power and effective lighting.


Transform Fleet Division

Many companies prefer to purchase all of their service vehicles all at once. Transform is proud to upfit service vehicles for hardworking fleets all over the country. We can make each van or truck exactly the same, with all of the components that make the vehicles stand out from the rest. Or innovative team of installers are committed to providing the finest service vehicle available. Our goal is to produce a superior chassis with an intuitive layout that will increase your employee productivity and comfort.


Let’s Get Started

If you are ready to upfit your existing vehicle, upgrade to a fully custom service vehicle, or even replace your ageing fleet of vans, Transform Van and Truck Fleet Outfitters is your only choice. Not only do we value each and every one of our clients, we take pride in seeing them succeed with the help of our trucks and vans. Not sure what you need? No problem. We have decades of experience crafting thousands of vehicles, and we can recommend exactly what you will need for your business. So contact us today and let us provide you with a free quote. Let’s get to work building you your perfect service vehicle!