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We can’t prevent every accident or theft – but we can certainly help you minimize the risk with high quality work van security systems.

With our reverse-activated exterior back-up alarms, sensors with driver-audible warning and reverse camera systems, we provide you with peace of mind and help to keep you engaged with your clients instead of lawyers and insurance agents.

Ford E-Series


Besides conveying a corporate image of safety consciousness and social responsibility, these features can save you from the incalculable cost, aggravation, and downtime involved in even the most minor accidents.


And if your operations require your service vehicle(s) to enter high-crime neighbourhoods, our anti-theft systems will prevent unwanted attention.   We can protect your van and its valuable contents with our electronic alarm systems, high security door locks, and good old-fashioned wire window grills.  We also install supplied GPS tracking devices for fleets who use these vehicle security / management systems.


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